Get A Vessel Safety Check | Boating Magazine

It’s too easy for me to have a Vessel Safety Check (VSC) inspection conducted aboard my boat, Breakaway. Barbara Bedell, a certified United States Coast Guard Auxiliary VSC Vessel Examiner, lives in the house right beside my dock. Each year, Barbara simply strolls down in some spare moment, clipboard in hand, and takes me through the drill.
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Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals | Boating Magazine

The Internet is great for a lot of things, like finding videos of cats chasing sunbeams or someone’s pants falling down at a wedding. But it’s also been a boon to boaters and how they use their boats. The new big thing in the digital realm is peer-to-peer sharing (basically, renting). Most Internet-savvy people trace the concept back to renting real estate through a site like What Airbnb does is allow people to directly offer up their property, or space in their home, for rental to the Airbnb community. Well, if people are doing that with their vacation homes, mother-in-law apartments or even the spare futon in their basement, why wouldn’t they want to do that with their boats?
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Princess S65, Yacht | Yachting Magazine

The docks on collins Avenue were alive with chatter at Yachts Miami Beach in February — and with good reason. There were plenty of new models being rolled out. One of the most popular, one that attracted harmless gawkers and serious buyers alike, was the Princess S65.
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Garcon, Helipad, Superyacht | Yachting Magazine

At 220-foot LOA, the Garcon has plenty of space for you and your toys with a vast deck area with room for jet skis, tenders and sail dinghies. Most notably, the Garcon includes a fully certified helipad that has a 5000 kg take-off weight made for landing without any disruption on board.
This luxury superyacht was built by Damen with customized designs specifically made for the client, and won the ISS Awards of Distinction for Innovation at the International Superyacht Society Awards Gala in 2013.

Cruisers Yachts, 60 Flybridge, Flybridge | Yachting Magazine

Cruisers Yachts has plans to unveil a 2017 model-year 60 Flybridge this summer. The first hulls are expected to be available at dealerships this autumn. “The launch of the 60 Flybridge is exciting for us as we once again enter the flybridge segment of the market,” Matt VanGrunsven, director of marketing at parent company KCS International, stated in a press release.
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