FNQ on track for bumper superyacht visitation in 2016

DAZZLING superyachts are visiting the Far North in numbers not seen since before the global financial crisis.

A bumper year is forecast with 37 multi-million-dollar vessels having already moored at Cairns and Port Douglas in 2016.

Last year, 46 superyachts visited the region.

Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef manager Joanne Drake said the Far North was on track for its biggest annual visitation since the group was incorporated in 2000.

“Marlin Marina has forecast bookings for the arrival of 14 superyachts over July and August,” she said.
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Start-Ups Clamor to Be the Airbnb of Boats

Americans own about 22 million recreational boats, and on average they use them just 11 days a year, according to the latest data from the Coast Guard.

Smelling opportunity in those underexploited resources, several Silicon Valley start-ups are trying to become the Airbnb of boating, acting as online matchmakers between owners whose vessels are sitting idle and the boatless masses yearning to get on the water. http://www.caliberyachtcharters.com/

Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals | Boating Magazine

The Internet is great for a lot of things, like finding videos of cats chasing sunbeams or someone’s pants falling down at a wedding. But it’s also been a boon to boaters and how they use their boats. The new big thing in the digital realm is peer-to-peer sharing (basically, renting). Most Internet-savvy people trace the concept back to renting real estate through a site like airbnb.com. What Airbnb does is allow people to directly offer up their property, or space in their home, for rental to the Airbnb community. Well, if people are doing that with their vacation homes, mother-in-law apartments or even the spare futon in their basement, why wouldn’t they want to do that with their boats?
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Astondoa Yachts, Flybridge, 80 GLX, Review, Flybridge | Yachting Magazine

The Astondoa shipyard was founded in spain a century ago and has grown into a boatbuilding empire that remains family-owned and managed — a rarity in today’s corporate world. While Astondoa yachts are regular features at major European boat shows in places like Cannes and London, the builder is still growing brand awareness in the Americas. Its 80 GLX should help that cause.
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Princess S65, Yacht | Yachting Magazine

The docks on collins Avenue were alive with chatter at Yachts Miami Beach in February — and with good reason. There were plenty of new models being rolled out. One of the most popular, one that attracted harmless gawkers and serious buyers alike, was the Princess S65.
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