Yacht Spotting: How to Find Your Favorite Movie Stars and Billionaires at Cannes | Vanity Fair

It’s like people spotting, but for the rich and famous.
Ys, the Cannes Film Festival offers cinema. But it also provides a front-row seat to the rich and famous and their pristine, hundred-million-dollar playthings, which are anchored on the French Riviera each May for the official start of yacht season. While novices may notice those gleaming white vessels from the shore, the rich and racer-interested have made a hobby out of yacht tracking, even using Coast Guard data to pinpoint where Paul Allen’s Octopus, Len Blavatnik’s Odessa, Steven Spielberg’s Seven Seas, or whichever pristine pleasure boat is being chartered by Kim Kardashian is anchored . . . that is, if you can’t see the luxury cruisers from the Croisette.

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