NY Water Taxi, Facing Loss of Citywide Ferry Bid, Threatens Closure – Red Hook – DNAinfo.com New York

The company said it will likely shutter by October2016 if it doesn't win the Citywide Ferry contract. Find the best boat rentals here http://www.caliberyachtcharters.com/


Boatbuilders show on tap – Mount Desert Islander

PORTLAND — A boat with Mount Desert Island connections is a headliner at the Maine Boatbuilders Show this weekend.

Erin & Sarah, an MDI 45 fishing boat, as seen on the National Geographic Channel’s “Wicked Tuna,” is owned by Pete and Erin Speeches. Find the best boat rentals here http://www.caliberyachtcharters.com/

The Greenwich Boat Show is April 2 and 3

The 2016 Greenwich Boat Show will be held April 2 and 3, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, at the Greenwich Water Club in Cos Cob. It’s the only in-water boat show that offers free sea trials, and its location along the Mianus River gives boaters easy access to test out multiple boats on the open waters of Long Island Sound. And this year’s show will have plenty to try out, with more than 110 boats representing 42 brands from 18 of the best dealers in the region. Find the best boat rentals here http://www.caliberyachtcharters.com/

Gordon Bennett and the First Yacht Race Across the Atlantic by Sam Jefferson review – the super-rich in a thrilling contest on the waves

Gordon Bennett’s extravagances were so famous that his name became an exclamation of incredulity. An account of one great adventure illuminates a playboy who was ‘savage at heart’.
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Five Great Boat-Handling Tips From a Photo-Boat Driver | Boating Magazine

My longtime photographer-friend and mentor, Mike Fuller, is leaning out over the photo boat’s bow rail 12 feet in front of me, gesticulating with his hands and flashing a big grin to the driver and passenger of the boat that’s running 25 mph just inches off my port side. My eyes are on Fuller for only a second, but my concern for his well-being is at an all-time high. My peripheral vision keeps tabs on his footing and his stance while my primary focus shifts to the proximity of the riverbank streaking by. My eyes pan back to the small jet boat now tucked a mere inch or two under the spread of our bow. I’m locked in. One wrong move by me and we all could be in for a very bad day.

Crew Communication Improves Boating Safety | Boating Magazine

It’s essential to good seamanship that you communicate with your crew effectively. The ability to instantly convey meaning and intent may mean the difference between a textbook maneuver that’s hardly worth the mention and one that becomes regrettably memorable due to personal injury or damage to the boat. Let’s take a look at some situations to further illustrate the point.